2017 Sponsors

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Your support helps make a difference at Canyon Vista Elementary!

Platinum Level

Ridge Landscape Architects

Gold Level


Chau Family
Caito Families
Safiya, Sabree & Cole

Silver Level


Ngo Family
Deck Family
Mroczynski Family
Anderson Family
Sibert Family
Barrios Family
Brennan Family
Kirtland Family
Arna Rajpal

Bronze Level


J.Hellman Produce

Aloha Foot & Ankle

RAS Masonry

Jewelry by Angelo

OC Turf and Putting Greens

Michelle Scalia Realtor



Milby Family
Pomerleau Family
Seager Family
Hartmann Family
Hoppe Family
Rieden Family
Simon Family
Mendoza Family
Majerus Family
Emminger Family
Ava and Liv Johnson
DeFrain Family
Kelly Family
Pangan Family
Chason Family
Keller Family
McElroy Family
Modeer Family
Shen Family
Savage Family
Wogberg Family
Leuken Family
Pfeiffer Family
Bohonus Family
Neves Family
Rys Family
Davis Family
Carson Family
Layton Family
Amaral Family
Streeter Family
Lindsey Hubbard
Jason & Luc Simmons
Woolson Family
Pryor Family
Joseph Family
Youderian Family
Nielsen Family
Kraemer Family
Vanderbeek Family
Brusky Family
Grandma Shari
Norman Family
Gonzales Family
Mangat Family
Zhu Family
Wellington Family
Yang Family
Radieddine Family
Chodzko Family
Busenberg Family
Carlson Family
Holman Family
Rork Family
Stein Family
Klenske Family