Jog-A-Thon Packets!

Dust of those Running Shoes Everyone…
It’s time for the CVES Annual Jog-A-Thon!  
Your child will be bringing home an instructional flier along with all the related materials in their folder this week.  You can also find everything online at http://canyonvistapta.com/jog-a-thon/.
Here are a few important notes…
T-Shirt Contest:  All entries and forms are due next Friday, 10/6!  Please get your kids sketching and coloring this year’s t-shirt design!
Permission Slip:  Due 10/13, all children must return a signed permission slip to participate.
Sponsorships:  Help raise funds for the PTA and sponsor this great event.  Your business name or family name will appear on the t-shirt and promotional materials.  All sponsors are due Friday, October 13th.   
Donations:  Our goal is to get $50 per student – and we can do it!  Please use the donation form included in your packet to collect from Grandma, Uncle, your third cousin once removed, the neighbor down the road… anyone!  Donations can also be made online here.  All donations are due by Friday, October 20th.
We know you all are fast so thank you for your expeditious efforts this year!