CVES PTA Officer Nominations

Hello CVES PTA members!
Can you believe we are over half way through the school year…. And can you believe we are already planning for next year?! The Nominating Committee needs your help as we put together the 2019-2020 PTA Executive Slate. 
Please fill out the Nomination Form below and email it back to or print, complete and return to the PTA Office ASAP.  The PTA will collect nominations until the meeting on February 20, 2019. All nominations are kept confidential. You may nominate yourself.  Job descriptions are also below. Click here to open the PDF:




Officer titles and job descriptions:


Serving as president of a PTA includes the responsibility to lead that PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members. The goals must be consistent with the policies and Purposes of the PTA. The president is the presiding officer and the official representative of the association.

Recording Secretary

Keep an accurate, concise, permanent record of the proceedings of all meetings of the association and of the executive board. These minutes are the legal record of the PTA.


The treasurer is an elected officer and the authorized custodian of all funds of the local PTA. Some responsibilities of the office are specified in the unit bylaws and others are established by district PTA and California State PTA procedures. The treasurer’s duties also include keeping records and preparing reports to comply with local, state and federal laws.

Vice President

The executive vice president is an elected officer and member of the executive board. The primary responsibility of the executive vice president is to assist the president and help lead the PTA toward specific goals chosen by its members.

VP Communications

The PTA communications leader helps PTA members and the general public understand that PTA:

Positively impacts the lives of all children and families; and

Is a relevant, inclusive, influential volunteer-powered association working for the well-being of children and youth.


Determine the accuracy of the books and records of the financial officers;

Detect and recommend correction of errors;

Verify funds have been transferred through channels (e.g., membership, insurance, Founders Day freewill offering).

Assure the membership that the association’s resources and funds are being managed in a businesslike manner within the regulations established for their use.


Captures, assembles and preserves record of activities and achievements of a PTA

Collects volunteer hours for PTA meetings and events

Completes and submits the PTA Unit-Annual Historian Report to council/district PTA

Parliamentarian (appointed by President)

Advise presiding officer, when requested, on questions of parliamentary procedure.



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