PTA Board Members

PTA Officers 2015-2016 School Year

President: Carol Caito
Executive Vice President: Heather Anderson
Vice President of Ways and Means: Jennifer Klenske
Vice President of Communications: Jennie Lyle
Treasurer: Amy Trinadad
Recording Secretary: Alicia Simmons
Historian: Carrie Bourget
Auditor: Jill Wyatt
Principal: Donald Mahoney
Staff Liason: Diane Peters

Committee Chairs

Ability Awareness Day: Susie Scuri
Art Masters: Alison Barbee
Assemblies: Andee Pfeiffer
Back to School Luncheon: Carol Caito
Book Fair:  Cindy Klein
Celebration Book Club: Melissa Streeter, Wendy Nielsen
Community Partners: Tonya Johnson
Jog-A-Thon: Michelle Andrews
Legislative: Cindy Myers
Library: Carol Caito
Lunch Buddies: Adrienne McKechnie
Membership/Directory: Lynn Vovan
Reading Program: Linda Lueken, Jeana Schieber
Recycling: Jennifer Klenske
Red Ribbon Week:  Dianna Zoccoli
Reflections: Susie Scuri
Restaurant Nights:   Melissa Streeter
Room Parent Coordinator: Marissa Deck
Savannah’s Organic Garden: Heather Brusky
School Play:  Megan Ervoes
School Supplies: Cathy Croy
Science Expo & Lab: Tricia Burke
Special Education: Amy Berry, Ron Berry
Spirit Wear: Andee Pfeiffer, Lynn Vovan
Spring Carnival: Carnival Committee
Student Council/PALS: Cathy Croy
Talent Show: Vera Jacobs
Teacher Appreciation: Diane Peters
Volunteer Coordinator: Lynn Vovan
Website: Tonya LaFontaine
Yearbook: Tricia Burke