“Grow Your Own” Contest

Want Some Healthy, Competitive Fun That Shows How “Green-Thumbed” our Crocodiles Are?

Then Enter the “Grow Your Own” Contest!


Individuals Enter to Win 25 tickets for the Croc-A-Palooza Carnival!

Savannah’s Organic Garden wants you to show off your home grown plants for our carnival in April!


Starting now (or anytime thereafter) we ask any interested students of Canyon Vista to grow, from seed, their own plant(s) at home which will then be judged at the Croc-A-Palooza Carnival on Friday, April 26th.

Please bring in your plant(s) that morning labeled with:

  • Your name
  • Category you are trying to win (only one submission per category, so you may submit up to 6 plants total)
  • Seedling type
  • Date you planted the seed


Judging will be based on 2 main categories (using the Honor Code):

  • Organic Category: COMPLETELY organic, from the seeds, soil, and fertilizer (if used).
  • Open Category: Non-organic or only partly organic materials.


What you need:

  • Seeds (a list of seed ideas is below, and don’t forget, you may start seeds insid
  • 4 X 4 inch container (or similar
  • Soil or potting mix
  • Water
  • Fertilizer (optional)
  • Good old fashioned love and attention


Prizes and Blue Ribbons given for both Organic and Open Categories for a total of 6 individual winners:

  • Most Floral Organic, Healthiest Organic; and Ugliest Organic
  • Most Floral Non-organic; Healthiest Non-organic; and Ugliest Non-organic


Just a few ideas for seeds to plant:

Flowers: Herbs: Vegetables:
Sunflowers Basil Lettuces, Chard, Spinach
Cosmos Cilantro Peas, Beans
Forget-Me-Nots Thyme Pumpkin


Questions? Please email:

Heather Brusky at    


P.S. If your child does not have access to soil, seeds or containers, please call on us to provide these.


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